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Cool Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas


Cool Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas

Cool tech gift ideas to help in your search for the ideal present at Christmas shopping time. But before you begin to stress out about it, here are some suggestions of cool tech gifts that are useful and therefore very likely to please your loved ones.

1) Instant Camera: Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film Camera (Black)

Yes, digital cameras are cool and every single phone and tablet has the function of taking pictures. But there is something magical about framing a shot, clicking and instantly having the physical copy of that picture. It is a great way to document special moments and have one-of-a-kind photos that represent them. Taking the picture, seeing it come out of the camera instantly, waiting for the shapes and colors to appear on the paper while the image fades in… It is such an exciting experience, that anyone who likes photography will absolutely enjoy! Even kids can learn to appreciate this new way of taking pictures, where they do not have the luxury of snapping digital shots like there is no tomorrow and, therefore, need to think about the composition of the picture and learn the patience to wait (even though just a little while) to see the result.


2) Smartphone Projector: Smartphone Projector 2.0 by Luckies

This is another cool tech gift idea that can work for pretty much anyone who has a smartphone. With a smartphone projector, your loved ones can watch YouTube videos or their favourite Netflix show in their living room wall. Turn off the lights, attach speakers to the phone for a better sound quality and enjoy the experience of having your own personal movie theater whenever you want! It is also great for showing pictures to friends and family after a nice trip or vacation. Surely it will be a hit with everyone on Christmas morning!

3) Electronic Scale: Uniware Digital Square Glass Electronic Scale

This is a tricky one, because it may imply you are telling the person receiving the gift that they should watch their weight. So to avoid any awkward Christmas situations (God knows everyone is already more sentimental than usual around this time of the year), be careful and just give it to someone who you are sure actually wants it. There might be one fitness-obsessed friend who likes to measure their body weight with high precision and is tired of always going to the town’s pharmacy to do so. This gift gets bonus points for also being useful to weigh their suitcases before a plane trip!

4) Robot Vacuum Cleaner: PureClean Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The beauty of sitting on your couch reading a book or scrolling through Instagram while your very own robot actually cleans the house. Make your loved one feel like they are a character from the Jetsons cartoon with a robot vacuum cleaner. It is a great cool tech gift for anyone who likes technology and wants a little help doing the house chores. It is a convenient way to keep the floors clean and dust-free with as little effort as possible. Definitely a win-win situation!



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